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  • Do you ship internationally?
    At this time we are only shipping throughout the 50 states in the USA.
  • How do I care for my new plant?
    With the wide variety of plants we carry we make sure to list general care tips under each product listing for you revisit at your leisure. You can also send us photos and questions any day or time through Instagram, Facebook, E-mail or even right here through our website! If you shopped with us in the past when we were printing care cards for each plant in every order you may be wondering why we switched gears. The biggest reason? We were uncomfortable with the amount of waste we were producing. Our business was quickly growing which meant that we were producing waste at a rapid rate. Through many conversations with our customers we learned many of them didn't need the care cards either! The obvious solution? Eliminate them altogether. Launching our website and opening up our online store was the next step and we hope the information we provide for each plant intrigues you enough to research your plant even further. We are always looking for new ways to focus on sustainability; when we find one that allows us to bring back care cards, we certainly will. Whether you are new to the world of plants or are a jungle master shopping with us, Jangles Jungle, will leave you feeling plenty confident to care for your new plant!
  • What are your shop hours?
    While we are working on turning our backyard into a home nursery we will only be selling through our website and social media pages. Pre-COVID you could schedule appointments through email. We will revisit that option when we feel comfortable and we will announce it when the time comes.
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